Infection Control Dashboard



A client in the healthcare industry needed to record, analyse and report clinical audit results for several metrics across several different clinical areas.

Key challenges:

  • Creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface for non-technical users
  • Dynamically generating a variable number of performance graphs for analysis
  • Tailoring report packs and producing them at the click of a button.

Technical solution

Using standard Microsoft Office components (Excel, Access), data2impact was able to build a data repository and reporting tool over a very short time span. The solution provides:

  • Easy-to-use user interface including data validation to minimize entry errors and support users
  • Report generator providing several types of charts and filters selected from drop-down lists
  • Dynamic reports allowing on-the-fly browsing of results across clinical areas


  • Interactive dynamic charts allow users to identify poorly performing clinical areas and metrics
  • Report pack generator allows users to quickly define and produce chart based reports for distribution throughout the organisation