Contract negotiation tool



Tool for sales force of medical company to prepare and lead pricing negotiation with customers (hospitals).

Key challenges:

  • Complex pricing system, considering multiple factors
  • Different negotiation ranges, depending on the user type (sales rep, sales director, etc.)
  • Large amount of products (10,000+) , of which usually only a few are to be negotiated - however, agreements may apply to all

Technical solution

Stand-alone Excel solution:

  • Download of customer data based on user selection
  • Intuitive UI allowing to quickly filter and customize product list
  • Compact and detailed result and impact assessment summaries available to user
  • Automatic workflow including approval from manager (for prices below a predefined threshold) and forwarding of results to back office
  • Seamless integration with back office solution, allowing automated creation of contract documents and upload to central IT systems - see case example here


  • Sales force can prepare and lead negotiation without involving back office for data aggregation/analysis
  • Complexity of pricing system is hidden from user and customer
  • Automated workflow (approval, creation of contract documents, upload to ERP) significantly reduces manual effort and prevents errors
Healthcare & Pharma
Tool type
Sales tools
Project duration
3 months
d2i effort
20 days
Data volume
10,000 products
3,000 customers
10M+ sales data records (aggregated in data warehouse)
Tools involved
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